Why Coffee?

Because enjoying a cup of quality coffee, is increasingly being part of our culture and makes each day more enjoyable.

Why we offer different types of coffee?

Because "the writers Coffee" considers it important to consider the different tastes and preferences of its customers, with the aim of promoting a variety of Bolivian coffee tastes - prepared in the latest international coffee styles.

How is the coffee culture in La Paz?

Most of the population of La paz still drinks the traditional distilled coffee. However in recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of consumers of more boutique coffees, with the latest international coffee trend and styles becoming widely available, like quality coffee fueled by a technique of preparation and presentation, which has nothing to envy to the best coffees in the world.

Why we specialize in Bolivian coffee?

Because we help coffee farmers and support Bolivian production, and because Bolivian coffee is one of the best with a flavor that gives a touch espresso coffee acid

We also use Bolivian fresh coffee because if we want to use an imported coffee it takes a long time to get to Bolivia by all required customs papers making it lose its fresh coffee aroma and body

Buena Vista

It is a high quality coffee belonging to the "arabica" variety that becomes a "blend" by mixing it with the best coffees in Bolivia. An exclusive production of the Yungas.

Local producers grow and process coffee manually which guarantees for coffee lover all the freshness of this select product
What also makes this a premium coffee is the different types of roast such as: American roasted roasted espresso Europeo they all are organic.


High quality coffee recognized as coffee "origin" this means that it is a coffee from a single region which highlights the flavors and natural aromas. It is a 100% organic coffee with no use of chemical pesticides which provides us with a great-tasting coffee


Arabica coffee group from the Bolivian Yungas areas, is a gentle aromatic coffee. The coffee is grown by small producers and processed manually and naturally using strict selection criteria which results in a unique coffee with an exquisite taste.